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Advanced services for a competitive bioindustry

Biotrend runs a state of the art facility for the development and optimization of bioprocesses, from strain screening and raw material pre-processing to process integration, scale-up and validation.

Microbial strain screening

Micro-scale multiplexing capability includes culture (in anaerobic, microarobic and fully aerobic conditions), centrifugal separation, extraction and analysis (UV/Vis spectrophotometer and HPLC).

This high-throughput platform is optimally designed to the screening of biocatalysts and for preliminary assessment of process conditions. Typical screening activities include:

  • Strains producing a specific compound, for example carotenoids (beta-carotene and lycopene), organic acids (succinic, lactic and acetic acid) or others such as ethanol and biosurfactants.
  • Strains able to cope with specific medium requirements, such as strains that grow on agroindustrial residues (ex. lignocellulosic hydrolysates and pulp and paper waste streams) in which the ability to use C5 carbon sources and to resist to the presence of inhibitors (ex. furfural and derivatives, heavy metals) is important.

Process development and optimization

Process development and optimization is performed with our battery of fully controlled bioreactors, connected to data acquisition and control software. Normally fed-batch cultivations aiming at maximizing productivities, yields and concentrations are optimized in 2L (autoclavable) and 10L (sterilized in place) bioreactors. Process integration opportunities with raw material pre-processing and with downstream processing are sought throughout development.

Process scale-up, de-risking and validation

At Biotrend’s facilities, we operate fermenters of 2L, 10L, 50L and 250L working volume allowing for thorough scale-up studies and process de-risking. Further to this, we have direct access to facilities from 1,000L to 100,000L fermentation capacity, through an industrial partner. In addition to the technical validation, we can provide thorough economic validation studies using in-house databases and tools and industry-standard software (ex. using the SuperPro Designer package).