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Biotrend: bioprocess development in Industrial Biotechnology

Delivering sustainable value

Biotrend carries out research and develops in-house projects aiming at the production of bio-based chemicals, materials and fuels from renewable raw materials. We cover process development aspects from strain screening to fermentation optimization, process integration, intensification, de-risking and scale-up

As a contract research organization, we put our know-how and resources to the service of our clients by providing development services and we develop in-house research programs to develop new technologies to be licensed out to industrial clients. Further, we participate in international collaborative projects encompassing the full bioeconomy value chain, keeping Biotrend at the forefront of scientific development.

We provide advanced services including:

  • strain screening
  • bioprocess development
  • process optimization
  • scale-up and validation

Available for licensing-out:

  • novel and patented bioporcess for the production of carotenoids from naturally occurring bacteria
  • organic solvent-free process for the purification of biopolyesters

International collaborative projects on the fields of:

  • production of chemicals and polymers from renewable raw materials
  • marine biotechnology.