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Technologies offered

Biotrend has developed the following technologies that are ready to be licensed out to industrial partners.

Production of natural carotenoids and isoprenoids

The carotenoid market is worth about 1 billion USD, more than 85% of which is supplied by chemical synthesis processes. Biotrend’s patented process for the production of beta-carotene from renewable resources uses a novel naturally occurring bacterium. Our one-step fermentation process enables the production of high purity beta-carotene. with 100% pro-vitamin A potency. It is highly reproducible and scalable and offers extremely simple downstream processing streamlining the fermentation transition to formulation. Our highly productive strains can also be licensed out for other applications, as they can be adapted to the accumulation of other compounds upstream of beta-carotene such as lycopene and phytoene or various isoprenoids. Our proprietary naturally over-producing strains can be the perfect chassis for isoprenoid over-producing strains.

Production and purification of polyhydroxyalkanoates

Biotrend has been successfully implementing highly productive fermentation processes for the production of these promising biopolyesters from various renewable raw materials or agro-industrial residues. Further, we have designed an organic solvent-free purification process which enables the production of polymer material ready to be used in extrusion processes with final specifications comparable to those of the product currently on the market produced using chlorinated solvents. A patent application is being submitted and the process is available to be licensed out. Additionally, Biotrend accepts services to test or develop the production of biopolyesters from your specific waste stream.